Mark Kamau at Tedx Amsterdam

Mark Kamau of NairoBits

Mark Kamau of NairoBits and one of our first students, gave an inspiring speech at TEDx Amsterdam a few weeks ago, which was for many, a highlight of the day. Mark even made an impact on influential website WIRED as well, who called his speech simple and powerful.


Slumdog digital design

Mark Kamau, the general manager of Nairobits, a digital design school that provides education to young people living in Nairobi slums. Calling himself the ‘Slumdog Manager’, he gave an inspiring talk on his journey out of the slums of Kenya and the future of African aid.

He estimated that 80 per cent of his school friends were either in prison or dead – two had been covered in petrol and set alight, suffering the ‘instant justice’ of the slums after they had been caught stealing.

But his message was hopeful and he argued that the way in which he had been helped by the Nairobits program could serve as a template for Africa: he was respected, challenged, supported and given responsibility and Africa needs this sort of intelligent engagement over aid, he said.

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