Mobile game development

We are thoroughly enjoying the process of developing a mobile game, about peace and conflict for Kenyan youth. It’s new territory for us albeit a combination of many things we have done before, co-creation, youth communication design, peace and conflict themes, but working for the small screen size and with the J2ME language give  ample challenges to keep us awake. The game is currently being programmed by The Saints and tested by our co-creation partner Nairobits. Cultural correctness not only of language and scenarios but of deeply embedded concepts imperative for a game like this to have impact. Our aim is bringing out real messages on what  the causes of conflict are amongst communities and what types of activities would help create positive change whilst playing a dybnamic game.

The launch of the beta version is planned for the Mobile East Africa conference on the 3rd and 4th of Feb in Naiorbi and if you are interested please join our Geth2o Game facebook group or ask us for the beta download to help us test it. We woudl love to hear what people think if it.

Joppe of Butterfly Works is designing extra animations to give more feedback to the player / user as I write.

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