Kabul day 1: Military traffic contrasting the clear white

Our weblog starts after an impressive first day in Kabul. In our hotel we hear ‘click’, ‘clack’, ‘on’, ‘off’. A failing electricity generator gives a nice acoustic ambiance in the background.

After a stop in Dubai, where we stay awake with a huge ice-cream, we board for Kabul around 3 am. Two Butterfly ladies with suitcases packed with burkas, designs and a big smile because we are actually going through with the whole thing! While landing we only see military planes, helicopters and lots of barbed wire. But now, walking out of the airport, we are surrounded by a big group of people dressed in white, returning from their Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca). It is really amazing. Colors are dominating our view. We are impressed by the beautiful colors of beige scarves, worn by men on their bikes, and also lots of shades of grey – caused by the prevailing dust.

Even though surrounded by military traffic on the streets, our hotel is behind high walls with lots of guards and sandbags. After check in, we go to our rooms – unfortunately they do smell of mould. The hotel, however, is beautifully decorated with crafted textiles and objects. After a few hours of sleep we meet Sardar Ahmad Khan of Kabul Pressistan. We talk to him about finding the right photographer, filmmaker and editor, who can capture the atmosphere, concept and the development of the Crafting Peace collection. We also need to plan our first day at the factory. But we cannot complain. Our arrival in Kabul went smoothly. We are in Afghanistan. And the sun is shining.


One Response to “Kabul day 1: Military traffic contrasting the clear white”
  1. Markymarc says:


    wel voorzichtig doen daar he


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