Kabul day 9: It started great…

The photographer and filmmaker arrive at the hotel in the morning. We tried everything to find female models, but we didn’t hear anything from our French contact so that leaves us without model. We will probably never find out what went wrong. But, like always, there is a new plan. And this is one of the aspects of Crafting Peace – showing that life goes on no matter what challenges are faced. The new plan is photographing the birds in daily Kabul life. A bird with the baker in the bakery, a bird at the little teashop around the corner and so on. Unfortunately we cannot join this unusual photoshoot, so we try to explain the idea as clearly as possible to the photographer and filmmaker. And off they go. We hope for great images and great shots of the process to be used in a co-design movie.

In the afternoon we planned a photo shoot at the pool at the hotel. After consulting the hotel manager we ‘plunder’ the hotel. We drag around beautiful carpets, objects and items. At the pool we move pots and plants and create a big square of rugs, pillows, rolls and flowers. The concept is like a picnic in the winter garden of Kabul. And we have to say: it looks amazing. It becomes an astonishing fairytale-like atmosphere which fits Crafting Peace perfectly. In the mean time we receive a text with a sneak preview of the photography. Although the result is not quite there yet, we give suggestions and believe in good results.

At two o’clock the photographer and filmmaker are finished and we hope we have enough time for the shoot at our fairytale pool, because the sun goes down at 4.30 pm as Kabul is located between high mountains. We check the photos of this afternoon and feel we are not quite there yet, as the birds do not present well in the crowded little shops. But the photo of the bird in the bakery is great!

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, the light is changing and we don’t have a model. We realize that without a model it is more difficult to keep focus in the image, especially in a excessively decorated ensemble. We try to do some shots, but our disappointment grows and our nervousness about the result gets the upper hand. At the same time it occurs to us that maybe we want too much, we want to do too much in these ten days. We bring the shoot to an end and think enough is enough. We have two more days to finish the collection and to round things off. Of course we strive for perfection, but under the circumstances of the country and the possibilities we get, we made the right choices and got the best as possible results. And there always needs to be something left to be desired…


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