Kabul day 10: Getting the work done!

Another two days in Kabul, two days to complete our sample collection.

When we wake up, we immediately realize that we only have two more days to finish the work! No relaxed good bye, but we have only this short time to really know in detail what the collection will look like – as we can’t possibly do that from The Netherlands.

So, after breakfast we go straight to the factory, together with our filmmaker, who will film the process from the design to the actual crafting of the bird. Also, he will film the interviews that take place with the craftsmen that shared their current state of mind in a ‘word’ (like cordial, happy or anxious) and that were processed in the designs of the birds.

Meanwhile we’re busy processing the photos of the birds in the computer, and adjusting the last crafted birds with our final changes, which is a lot… even more because we have to make two sets, one copy with final adjustments for here and one to take home. So we know what to expect in the second round of production.

Unfortunately we are continuously running out of materials at the factory to embroider and stitch the birds. Every minute we hear someone say… “fabric is finished… last meters of yarn…” and so on. We run up and down from the factory to the supply- and financial manager, to make them aware of these crucial supplies in order to make this project succeed. Like in other projects it isn’t always easy to get everyone as enthusiastic and committed as we are…

However, the most important thing reassures us: the quality of the embroidering is amazing!
Every day the birds become more beautiful. We are getting more into a (faster) rhythm, which hopefully will be continued once we’re on our way home. All stuff that will eventually influence the price of the bird. And, their challenge is to make all the adjustments for our launch at Maison et Objet in Paris, coming January.

We get a sneak peak from the moviemaker. It’s going quite well – documenting the process of crafting. Not there yet, but he will finish his work before the end of the (working) day. Then we have enough footage to take home and work with!

When the factory closes, we try to get back to the hotel to meet up with the photographer to make a selection of her photos. We run late – as we are stuck in traffic, and experience some tension in the city with military vehicles and snipers on rooftops everywhere. With all the roadblocks we get to the hotel two hours delay. Fortunately the photographer is still busy making the selection and stuck in traffic as well: we decide to postpone the meeting until the next morning…

After some Twitter and Facebook in the lobby, we decide to call it a day. Tomorrow we are heading to the airport, but first finishing up at the factory… Something I don’t want to think about right now!


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