EduTech Meetup NL

Today, 23rd of January, Butterfly Works, Learning and new Media is joining with War Child and Oxfam Novib on organising an EduTech Meet up at the War Child studio in Amsterdam. It is an open event to all those in the Netherlands who are working with new technologies to support educative aims and working in emerging economies.

We will use the hashtag #edutechnl and will be live tweeting during the event.

Organisations who will be present this afternoon include: Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Concept Square, Oxfam Novib, Butterfly Works, War Child, Edukans, Hirda, University of Amsterdam and ELM concepts / HUB creations.

Twitter users present include:  @conceptsquare  @mattinamsterdam @emerbeamer @jameslawrie @lovemattersinfo @HIRDA_NL @edukans

For full details on the event and the projects being presented please check this PDF
for more info mail  james.lawrie{at} or emer{at}

or leave a comment below and we will contact you.

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