Learning about Living, Nigeria

With a news background coming from Nigeria about Boko Haram attacks and Occupy Nigeria, we at Butterfly Works, learning and new media, have been in collaboration with different ngos in Nigeria working on two new versions of Learning about Living.

Learning about Living, a project with One World UK, started in 2007, in collaboration with the Ministries of education and information to make an interactive and youth friendly version of the national curriculum for Family Life and Hiv/Aids prevention. Doing the most of the work with key ngo’s such as AHI in Lagos, EVA in Abuja and GPI in Calabar, the program is now in 350 schools across Nigeria, with 2500 teacher’s trained reaching 90,000 students in schools, and 3000 students in community centers. The mobile helpline answers 8000 questions a month on average.

There are two school versions one for the South and one for the North of Nigeria, here is the Northern version, in the Northern version the virtual peer educators from the south got a makeover and some story lines of the cartoons were adapted. The topics dealt with in the curriculum are neccessarily limited to what has been approved for use in schools, this is a nationwide consensus of topics and does nto for example include teenage pregnancy.

Now in collaboration with GPI, Girls Power Initiative, whom guided by Merel at Butterfly have developed a number of extra lessons and cartoons and quizzes, dealing with difficult issues such as Gender Violence. You can do the dating test in ‘Relationships’ and learn about ‘Leadership skills’ through quizzes and cartoons, a wealth of information in 25 topics for teenagers. Again Wunmi, Yusuf, Nike and Tunde got another makeover, this time they have a more hip,look and feel. Check out the latest version of Learning about Living, for ALL

In the coming few months yet another version will launch, this time it’s being made with EVA and will target older youth and will be brought to them,  with a touring computer library. to be continued.

In the meantime thanks to Merel for all her steady, attention to detail work and to our longstanding working partnership with One World UK.

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